Garaged Specialized Roubaix

For our very first repair, we have this lovely Roubaix that headbutted a garage.  It did not fare so well and ended up with a nicely destroyed down tube and a semi-related crack to the chain stay.

Waffle Cycles Specialized Roubaixdown tube bottom

This is the downside view of the down tube after we cut out all of the nasty shattered carbon.  We tried our best to match up fiber orientation and thickness to the original.

Waffle Cycles Specialized Roubaix chainstay

This is the drive side chain stay that has a matching hole on the opposite side.

Waffle Cycles Specialized Roubaix  primed 2

Here the frame and fork are after receiving a full sand down to carbon to check for additional cracks and to prep for new paint.  This is after the primer.

Waffle Cycles Specialized Roubaix in the sun cropped

Here is the final product in hot pink pearl.  Just need to re-install the cable mounts and this thing will be ready to be rebuilt and tested.

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